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We are using a system called Blossom, which allows staff to capture a photo, a video clip or a voice recording, as well as written notes using a tablet computer and to assign this to one or more children. These observations from staff members are then uploaded to a secure web-based learning journey to which you as a parent would also have access to! Welcome to the world of online learning journeys!


We believe that using online learning journeys will allow both a rich body of evidence to support our partnership with parents and to help us plan for individual children’s development, and it is of course a wonderful keepsake for you to share with your child.


The technology also supports a daily record, especially for the under 2-year olds, of food, milk, and nappy changes.  By logging these as they occur, we can ensure that up-to-date information is always available to parents.  This will also free up staff to talk to you more about your children, rather than just reciting a list of “inputs and outputs”!


Further information can be found on the following website: