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Nursery Cam 


What is NurseryCam?

This is a way that you as parents can see what your child is doing each day they attend the nursery. This is a safe and secure way accessed via a password system where parents can use their home or work computer to see real time images of their child within their room or in the garden.

NurseryCam is very safe and all images, which go out, use military graded image encryption, so that only the parents with passwords would be able to receive the images clearly onto their computer.  



This facility is only available to the parents of the child/children and must not be shared with anyone else.  The use of mobile phones/organisers including ipads or any mobile device to view your child is strictly NOT permitted.  In the event of any mobile device being used, this will result in automatic termination of that parent's NurseryCam account.


To register with Nurserycam please click here.