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'Thank you so much for supporting us with our daughter's care over the last 9 months - she has loved her time at Pitta Patta.  We would also like to highlight her Key Worker who has always been so brilliant in her manner and her professionalism and in being such a rock for our daughter, who will no doubt miss her terribly'.

~  Miss L James


‘Just wanted to say thank you to xxxx and everyone at Pitta Patta, my daughter seems to be settling very well and I am so glad to see her being so comfortable and happy.’

~  Mrs R Hassanova


"Our son has settled in extremely well and we know that this can be largely attributed to the lovely staff you have in the Pandas Room - in particular, xxxxx. She has provided us with lovely accounts about what he's been up to on his days at nursery and reassured us that we have made the right decision for him to join our daughter at Pitta Patta.  He is clearly very stimulated during his day as he comes home babbling away and he is shattered by bedtime!  

I also wanted to say that we are extremely happy with our daughter's progress too in Pre-School".

~  Mr & Mrs A Heath


 "I just wanted feedback how happy I've been with how our daughter has settled into Koalas, and I am sure that is down to the love and care that xxxx and xxxx give her. They are both so warm, welcoming and knowledgeable and we are really confident that we are leaving our daughter - a very precious thing! - in the most brilliantly capable hands".

~  Mrs L Dawson


"A friendly, happy environment where my daughter is thriving.  It gives me great comfort as a full time working mama, that my child is stimulated and well looked after whilst at Pre-School".

~  Ms M Goodwin


"We'd like to thank you all for looking after our son so well and for providing a fun, stimulating and caring environment. We'd like to thank xxxx and xxxx for helping him to settle in so quickly when he started. They were so good with him and gave him the reassurance he needed whilst gaining confidence to explore his new surroundings; but a special thanks is for xxxx, who our son clearly loves! She has been truly amazing with him; he's always so happy to see her; he runs up to her for a big cuddle. It's so beautiful to see. Every time we collect him he has a huge smile on his face so we always know he's had a wonderful day." 

~  Mr  & Mrs Phillips


"We just wanted to say thank you so much to you and the staff that have been there for our son over the last 3 and 1/2 years, I know he has loved his time at Pitta Patta and he is really going to miss coming!"

~  Mrs F Wright


"I just wanted to say again a huge thank you from my husband and myself for looking after our daughter so well since she has been with you. We have always felt that she has been very well cared for, and are grateful to all the nursery staff for keeping her so happy and safe." 

~  Mrs F Wright


"Pitta Patta is an excellent nursery, we've been delighted with the warmth and professionalism of the staff.  The nursery provides a lovely environment for children, particularly the baby room, where the care, affection and attention is exceptional.  The facilities and building are well maintained and we've been pleased with the nursery menu, which has been particularly accommodating of my daughter's food allergies.  The huge garden is wonderful, it's been great to see the children spend so much time outdoors.  Thanks for all you've done and continue to do for our children."

 Mr & Mrs O'Sullivan


"My son has only been at the Nursery for 3 months so far, but he absolutely loves it! He learned a lot in the Tigers and developed lots of skills in the Giraffes/Pre School.  Even I learned how to deal with some challenges of motherhood thanks to the staff and the Pre School Team.

I cannot thank staff at Pitta Patta enough for their individual approaches to every child, making them feel safe and happy, as well as being extraordinarily helpful and kind, to both parents and their children.  The best nursery in South East London!"

 Mrs A Bachurski


 "I would like to thank you and your staff for the care and attention our son has received over the last six months. My husband and I have been very touched that staff have taken his needs to heart and been so helpful."

Mrs N Mitchell


"Just wanted to give you some nice feedback on Pre school staff.  I came to pick my daughter up the other day and she was a bit under the weather. When I walked in xxxx was cuddling her and having some quiet time. It's just so lovely as a mum to know that your staff take such great care of our kids.

 I'm very grateful to xxxx for how she looked after my daughter. Please pass on my thanks to her - she does a brilliant job."

 ~  Miss K Southerby


"Thank you so much for all your love, care and support of our son and his transition to a new home and pre school.  We have loved how much more confident he has become since being with you all.  We particularly loved the Christmas play and thought it was amazing how such young children co-operated and responded to your teaching."

~  Mr G Perkins & Miss M Bates


"We are very happy that our children are so settled and have been since they both joined at 11 months.  All the staff are genuinely caring towards all of the children and they have so many activities to help them grow and keep them amused!

Pitta Patta is a huge part of our lives and we recommend them to everyone."

~  Mrs S West


"Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the lovely things that Pitta Patta has planned for the kids over Christmas.  It’s made it really special for them and the parents too!"

~  Mrs B Garrod


"Very much enjoyed the Nativity.  You could tell a huge amount of work went into it!  It was great to share a mulled wine and mince pie with all parents afterwards."

~  Miss K Southerby


"We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for our son at nursery.  You have been a really important figure in his life and he has loved being taught by you.  We’ll miss the regular updates of ‘xxxx says………….’ and we’re not sure how we will cope without the option of asking him ‘What would xxxx think about……’ – the prospect of disappointing you is much worse than any consequence we can dish out!

He has grown up and developed so much in the Giraffe’s room and has learned so many vital things about how to interact with other children and adults – you have given him some invaluable skills which he will go on developing throughout his time at school.

He is becoming a confident, thoughtful, questioning and articulate little boy (we think!) and you have played a huge part in that.  He’ll really miss you and Pitta Patta and so will we.   Thank you again for everything."

~  Mrs C Pinnock


"My husband and I would like to let you know how happy we are with our daughter's progress at Pitta Patta and how grateful we are that you have such kind and caring staff looking after her. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the fantastic job that xxxx does. It is clear that she loves what she does, works really hard, and that she develops strong bonds with the children as a result of this. She is happy and smiling at both ends of the day and we know that our daughter is very fond of her, which makes it so much easier for us!

One of the highlights of our day is reading the communication diary when we get home, especially when it has been written by xxxx. She has a lovely way of writing a very personal account of our daughter's day which gives us a real feel for how she is developing and what she's been up to, and we really appreciate this.

I know from my own job at a school that parents are most likely to get in touch when they want to complain or criticize so we just wanted to send you some very positive feedback of our experience so far."

~  Mr and Mrs A Heath


"Pitta Patta is a fantastic Nursery. It has a warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere and we very much like that all members of staff know all the children’s names.  It’s fantastic that the children spend a lot of their time in the garden and that all age groups mix whilst outside.

The environment is stimulating and also fun, and our daughter seems to greatly enjoy her time there."

~  Parent


"Our daughter enjoys Pitta Patta because she can spend a lot of time playing in the garden with children her own age and older ones too.  She loves the staff and opens her arms to them every morning with a smile.

The Nursery is run professionally and with our child’s best interest."

Mr R Prewett and Ms M Baeli


"Thank you for your ongoing support and care for my son; we are very happy with Pitta Patta and the excellent staff and we know our son really enjoys his 2 days a week there!"

Mrs S Littlewood


"From my point of view Pitta Patta is good and especially the nursery nurses. They are all very friendly and this makes me happy and confident leaving our daughter there, knowing she is in a safe and friendly environment. Well done, keep up the good work. Special thanks to her key worker . She speaks a lot about her and they have done good work after reading from her profile and discussing this with her. Well done."

Mrs Z Sesay 


"We really like the nursery and the staff look after the children really well.  My daughter has really developed through her interacting with the staff here."

 Mr C Nancarrow


"We’re very happy with the facilities and the care that our son receives at Pitta Patta. He is always happy to be dropped off and seems to enjoy himself very much. He seems to be learning new skills all the time and developing well with the care and help given to him."

Mrs D Kingston


"Pitta Patta day nursery is an organised and professional day nursery with friendly staff. The nursery has demonstrated time and time again that my child's need to develop in a stimulating environment is right at the centre of their work. Staff are professional, motivated and keen to help where they can. 
I especially like the regular trips that Pitta Patta go on, whether they’re visiting the library, the park, the museum or the shops.

The nursery’s provision of a different book each day is a great idea because it gives my son a chance to explore his imagination everyday (before bed). Pitta Patta has exceeded my expectations, I think the staff are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work!"
~ Miss C Daley


"The nursery’s asset is its staff. They are all very friendly and do their best to ensure that the children are familiar and comfortable with them. This has been beneficial to my daughter especially when settling into the Tiger Room as she was familiar with xxxx. I have also noticed that the pre-school carers have made themselves known to my daughter. This reassures me she will be with familiar carers when she eventually moves to pre-school. The staff are also friendly and accessible to parents which is comforting and reassuring."

Miss C Averville / Emechete


"I am very happy with the nursery as a whole. I feel my son has learnt a lot since being at Pitta Patta. I hope he continues to learn and grow. I am also very happy with his progress since being here. I hope when he moves down to Tiger Room, he will continue to be encouraged by the staff down there."
~ Mr K Kidd


"My current view of the nursery is that it’s being really well run, with excellent teaching staff and happy kids. In the past I’ve been unhappy with the high turn over of staff but the staff don’t seem to have changed at all in the last 12 months which is brilliant. I’ve always loved the homely environment at Pitta Patta and having xxxx as manager is great as she’s so capable and approachable. All the staff in pre-school are fantastic. xxxx has been amazing with my son, he absolutely loves her! I know he can be a handful sometimes and the staff have been very good with him. All the trips that xxxx organises are fantastic, she puts in so much hard work and we really appreciate that. Thanks to all the staff and please all stay as it makes parents and kids very happy to see the same smiling faces!"
~ Mrs C Banfield