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Fingerprint System 

Our fingerprint biometric system

The Fingerprint and Proximity Reader is a fingerprint door entry system that has an inbuilt proximity card reader. Its various operating modes respect individual user preference and give flexibility to the security level required.

For example, while the majority of staff would use fingerprint verification to gain access, a member of staff who is unable to provide a fingerprint sample may use a proximity card instead. Both fingerprint and card verification can be used together if increased security is required.



Forest Hill Nursery Fingerprints Parents
Thursday, 23 April 2009

A NURSERY will fingerprint all parents and staff entering its building.

Pitta Patta Day Nursery in St German’s Road, Forest Hill, has installed a security system where all parents and staff must give their personal print to enter the building.

Nursery director Jacqueline Hussein said: “It will really help give all the parents total peace of mind leaving their children here during the day.  More...